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CR-JET4E Test bench for testing Common Rail injectors

Article: CR-JET-4E
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Stands CR-JET 4E is intended to test Common Rail injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens and to implement the adjustment after repair of the injectors. Test bench has integrated electronic control blocks for measurement- ,thermal control- and injector management.

CR-JET 4E is equipped with an electronic measurement system which allows quick test results with accuracy 0,1 cm3 .

To generate high pressure in the system, stands CR-JET4E is supplied with CP3 type pumps. 1800 bar pressure sensor and pressure regulator are on the 4 channel, high pressure rail.

Stand is supplied with thermal stabilisation system where refrigeration of the test-liquid is accomplished by “air – air” method. This is excluding condensate getting into the test-liquid.

Stand and the signals for the injectors are managed by the program ARMD. This program allows to manage Bosch, Delphi, Denso injectors with electromagnetic valves, also includes adjustable Piezo signal (50V-180V) for Bosch and Siemens injectors. Initially, program contains over 400 test plans. It is also possible to compile and add test plans by yourself. Compiling test plan for one injector type, it is possible to insert: different pressure, duration of the signal, voltage of the signal (in case of Piezo injector) frequency of the signal and number of cycles.

Features and characteristics of the stand:

-Simultaneous verification of 4 injectors;

-electronic measuring system;

-supply frequency of injector opening pulse (60 - 1500 min-1);

-injector opening pulse duration (100 - 3000mks);

-test fluid temperature control in the range of 0-100 degrees C ± 1;

-test fluid pressure regulation in a range of 0 - 1800 bar;

-electronic pressure measurement in the fuel pressure accumulator in the range 0 - 1800 bar;

-test fluid temperature control on each injector;

-protective glass made of polycarbonate (h = 10mm);

-dimensions: width 1100 height 1700 depth 670 mm.


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