Equipment for testing CR 4-channel injectors

Price: on request
CR-JET-4EM. Equipment for testing CR 4-channel injectors

The CR-JET Equipment allows you to perform procedures related to testing and checking Common-Rail injectors of various manufacturers (Bosch, Denso, Delphi, VDO (Siemens) Cummins, Caterpillar, AZPI).

The design of the CR Equipment and the elements of its equipment meet the requirements of international standards in terms of static and dynamic parameters of ISO 4008/1 and ISO 4008/2.

The test fluid of the ISO 4113 standard is used as a working fluid in the test bench. The high-pressure source is a high-pressure fuel pump , which is driven by a 4 kW, 1500 rpm asynchronous motor. As a feed pump, a gear pump is used, which is integrated into the injection pump housing and has the same drive.

In the basic version, the test bench has test plans without the possibility of encoding injectors.
Additionally, you can order:
1. Hardware and software for coding of injector Delphi C2I and C3I
2. Software for coding of electromagnetic and piezo injectors BOSCH
3. DENSO Injector Coding Software
4. Software for coding of piezo injectors SIEMENS VDO

For coding Delphi injectors, a device is installed that allows you to create a vacuum in the injector backflow line. A vacuum pump, a venturi, and an electric motor are included in the set of the device that creates the vacuum. The device is installed on the partition, which is located in the lower part of the test bench, above the refrigeration unit. Also in the working (test) zone, the pressure gauge measuring rarefaction with an electrovalve providing access of the rarefaction to the injector is installed at the top right. In this case, the vacuum is regulated by a throttle valve installed under the monitor on the left. When coding Delphi injectors in the test bench, a sensor is used that determines the time of the beginning of injection.

The Equipment has a low noise level. When starting the high pressure pump, its smooth promotion is ensured due to the use of a Shneider frequency converter in the test bench .

For thermal stabilization of the test fluid in the tank are used:

-two radiators with forced air cooling for the backflow line from the high pressure fuel pump and the backflow line from the pressure accumulator (rail).
-independent refrigeration unit with air heat exchanger 1000 W -tubular electric heater
Operating pressure up to 2400 bar.

The Equipment has an electronic measuring system with the ability to simultaneously check of 4 injectors.

A software with test plans is included in the set of delivery. The software has a convenient interface in Russian and English.
Software updates, including new test plans, are released twice a year and are provided free of charge.

Set of delivery for CR-JET

  • * Built- in PC with keyboard and monitor 1pc
  • * Test bench management software 1pc
  • Nozzle neck Ø 9 mm 2pcs
  • Cable for connecting pressure regulator 1pc
  • Cable for connecting pressure sensor 1pc
  • Universal Cable for injectors 1pc
  • Cable for Delphi injectors”type 1″ 1pc
  • Cable for injectors Delphi “type 2” 1pc
  • Cable for injectors BOSCH “type 1” 1pc
  • Cable for injectors BOSCH “type 2” 1pc
  • Cable for truck injectors “type 1” (“plug”) 1pc
  • Cable for truck injectors”type2″ 1pc
  • High pressure line for injectors M14xM14x400 mm 4pcs
  • DL-UNI50083 Adapter M14xM12 mm 4pcs
  • Set of adapters for injector backflow 1set
  • Set of nozzles for injector backflow Denso 1set
  • Key for opening the doors of the test bench 4pcs
  • Legs for test bench 4 pcs
    * mounted on a stand
    ** optional


Rotation speed 1500 min-1
Engine capacity (nom.) 4 kW
Number of simultaneously tested injectors 4
Tank capacity 30 dм³
Supply voltage 3x400V/230V~ 50Hz
Valve supply for electronic system 24 V
Number of measuring sensors 2
Cooling compressor capacity 800 W
Maximum current 11 A
Power of the test fluid heater 1000 W
Pulsing frequency of the injectors opening 60 – 1500 ,min-1
Pulsing duration of the injectors opening 100 – 3000 mcs
Test fluid pressure setting of the test liquid in a range 0-100 ± 10 С
Rail pressure setting in range 0 – 1800 ± 5 bar
Electronic pressure measurement in Rail in a range 0 – 1800 bar
Test fluid overflow temperature control on each injector
Protective screen polycarbonate (h=10mm)
Dimentions width 1010mm, height 1504 mm,depth
Weight 365 kg