Equipment for Common-Rail pumps and injectors.

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CR-TEST-4E. Equipment for Common-Rail pumps and injectors.

Equipment allows checking the following equipment of the COMMON RAIL system: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS injectors; SIEMENS, BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS pumps (CP1, CP2, CP3, HP2, HP3, DFP1, DFP3, DFP6, HP3, HP4), regulators and pressure sensors. The operating pressure of the test is up to 2400 bar. Equipment is equipped with an electronic measuring system. Equipment includes a software with built-in test plans.

⇓ List of built-in test plans for HP pumps CR system ⇓


Equipment CR-Test-4E it is produced in the basic version for testing Common-Rail injectors and pumps with a beaker-free electronic measurement unit.

Name Amount
1 *Protective glass frame DL-RSZ 1 pc
2 *PC built-in with keyboard and monitor 1 pc
3 *Shelf for keyboard 1 pс
4 *Software for managing workbench 1 pс
5 *Pump control module PTC 1 pс
6 *Digital 2-channel flowmeter FMDE 1 pс
7 *Tool shelf 1 pс
8 *Bracket for pumps DL-KN125 1 pс
9 Cables for power supply and communication workbench (220V / USB) 1 set
10 Mounting flange DL-UNI30428 for HP pump 1 pс
11 Mounting flange DL-UNI30465 for HP pump 1 pс
12 Mounting flange DL-UNI30464 for HP pump 1 pс
13 Mounting flange DL-UNI30474 for HP pump MAN 1 pс
14 Mounting flange DL-UNI30884 for HP pump MAN 1 pс
15 Mounting flange DL-UNI30886 for HP pump 1 pс
16 Mounting flange DL-CR30860 for HP pump 1 pс
17 Clutch DL-M24  for HP pump 1 pс
18 Clutch DL-M17  for HP pump 1 pс
19 Clutch DL-M19  for HP pump 1 pс
20 Clutch DL-MS11  for HP pump 1 pс
21 Clutch DL-UNI31025  for HP pump 1 pс
22 *HP pump CP3 for testing injectors 1 pс
23 *Pressure accumulator №1 DL-CR31053KIT for 3 PR, set 1 pс
24 *Pressure accumulator №2 DL-CR31257 for 2 PR, set 1 pс
25 *Pressure accumulator №3 DL-CR30181KIT distributive, set 1 pс
26 *Adapter DL-UNI30828 for testing HP pumps CP2-CP4
27 *High pressure filter 2 pс
28 *Brackets for pressure accumulators 3 pс
29 *Holder injectors DL-CR10015 1 pc
30 Split bushings for fixing injectors, diameter *17; 18,9; 19,2; 21; 21,4. 1 set
31 Bracket for holder injectors 1 pс
32 *”Glass”-nozzle for the spray injectors Ø 7 mm 4 pс
33 “Glass”-nozzle for the spray injectors Ø 9 mm 2 pс
34 *DL-UNI50084 Adapter М14хМ14 mm 2 pс
35 *Pressure regulator DL-CR10055 (2700 bar) 5 pс
36 *Pressure sensor DL-CR10053 (2400 bar) 2 pс
37 Safety valve DL-CR10057 (2400 bar) 1 pс
38 **RPM sensor 1 pс
39 Cable for connecting pressure regulators HP-3 1 pс
40 Cable for connecting pressure regulators LP-2 1 pс
41 Cable for connecting RPM sensor 2 pc
42 Pressure sensor cables 2 pc
43 *Tubes high pressure for Rails №1, 2 and 3 1 set
44 TVD for pumps CP2 (М14хМ14х600) 2 pс
45 *TVD for connect HP pump (М14хМ14х1000) 1 pс
46 DL-1CP2304 Hoses 5 pc. for HP pumps СР1,CP2,СР3 1 pс
47 DL-2UMS004 Hoses 7 pc. universal 1 pс
48 DL-FMDE064 Hose from «Rail» to «Cooler 1» 1 pс
49 *DL-FMDE025 Connecting hoses to IN1/IN2 FMDE 2 pс
50 *DL-FMDE045 Hoses from OUT1/OUT2 FMDE to tank 2 pс
51 DL-KUK0040 Set of fittings for HP pumps 1 set
52 *Fine filter for meter FMDE 2 pс
53 *Connection cable PS in the pressure accumulator №2 2 pс
54 *Connection cable PR in the pressure accumulator №2 1 pс
55 Cable for injectors VDO SIEMENS Piezo 1 pс
56 Cable for injectors universal 1 pс
57 Cable for injectors DELPHI type 1 1 pс
58 Cable for injectors DELPHI type 2 1 pс
59 Cable for injectors BOSCH type 1 1 pс
60 Cable for injectors BOSCH type 2 1 pс
61 Cable for cargo injectors type 1 («fork») 1 pс
62 Cable for cargo injectors type 2 1 pс
63 TVD for injectors М14хМ14х500 mm 4 pс
64 DL-UNI50083 Adapter М14хМ12 mm 4 pс
65 DL-AZ0134-10KIT Injectors backflow kit 1 set
66 Fittings kit for backflow Denso injectors 1 set
67 Key for opening workbench doors 4 pс
68 Support leg workbench 4 pс
69 ** DL-ORV9 air cooling radiator for testing high pressure fuel pumps MAN type high productivity 1 set

* installed on the Equipment


ATTENTION! Optional equipment is given as an example and can be increased according to customer requirements for testing different types of pumps.

⇓File for downloading⇓

Flanges, couplings, pressure accumulators and other accessories can be found in the section  : Equipment for testing common rail pumps

Auxiliary equipment for testing CAR CR injectors
Article Name Use Image
DL-CR50177 Backpressure valve for Bosch piezo injectors Mounted on the backflow fitting when testing BOSCH piezo injectors
Back pressure 10 bar
Used when checking ..115, ..116, ..117 injector series
DL-CR50210 Backpressure valve for  SIEMENS injectors Installed in the backflow line of Sienens VDO injectors
Back pressure 2 bar
Used when checking Sienens VDO Evro4 /Evro5
DL-МOK Check valve. Connection holes Ø 6 мmm X Ø 6 mm It is used when connecting Teflon tubes, provides one-way transmission of liquid.
DL-80CRM A set of fittings for measuring the return flow of fuel from the injectors FORD (Siemens VDO), FORD Transit (Siemens VDO), BOSCH Piezo, SIEMENS VDO, Denso, DELPHI, 0445110368 (BOSCH), 0445110550 (BOSCH)


Auxiliary equipment for testing CARGO CR injectors
Article Name Use Image
DL-ADS04022 Connector cable for 4-pin injector MB Actros, 14 pin For connect to CR-TEST-4e, TriumF , FLAGMAN-CODE and their analogues
DL-CR 50013 Universal adapter for truck injectors of CR  Bosch, Denso, Delphi Smart) to connect the supply and backflow with approach angles of 0⁰, 4⁰ and 13⁰. It is used both for testing nozzles on benches and when checking the spray part of nozzles on a hand press.
Truck injector test adapters Adapters for connecting and testing various types of Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Caterpillar injectors are presented in a wide range.


Auxiliary equipment for testing CR injectors
Article Name Use Image
DL-ORV9 Air colling radiator High pressure fuel pumps MAN type high productivity
DL-UNF20420L Set of pit filters for the injector testing on TRIUMF test bench Used when checking all types of injectors. Allow to separate shavings or other debris, excluding its entry into the stand measurement system


Auxiliary equipment for testing HEUI unit injectors
Article Name Use Image
DL-HEU50221 Adapter for checking of unit injectors HEUI Caterpillar C7-C9 Caterpillar C7-C9
DL-HEU50223 Adapter for installing unit injectors HEUI CATERPILLAR 3126B, CATERPILLAR 3126E и FORD 1998-2003 DIESEL 7.3 FUEL INJECTOR 128-6601,AD1831489C1 (INTERNATIONAL)
DL-HEU31332 Lower housing for low pressure supply DL-HEU50221 / DL-HEU50223
DL-HEU50227 Protective screen with polycarbonate cover DL-HEU50221 / DL-HEU50223
DL-HEU50240 Set of hydraulic hoses and HPT 400mm 14x14mm DL-HEU50221 / DL-HEU50223
DL-HEU50218 Adapter holder with clamping bar for CRUIS test bench DL-HEU31332
DL-HEU50230 Cable for connecting the unit injector
DL-UNI50084 Elbow adapter М14х М12 cut 1,5mm


Spare parts and consumables for maintenance
Article Name Amount Image
Cleaning block The purification unit is designed to filter liquid vapors generated in the working compartment of equipment for testing fuel equipment. 1 pc
SRS Test liquid SRS Calibration Fluid CV 20 l
DL-UNF20103 Filter(element) for fine cleaning of liquid,3 μm for test benches 1 pc
DL-UNF24020 Liquid cleaning filter for CR-JET , TRIUMF, CRUIS (draining from the workbench 1 pc
DL-TVD High pressure fuel line 1 pc
DL-UNI50083 Adapter М14х М12(cut 1,5mm) 1 pc
DL-P1008 Teflon tube ⌀10mm Х 100mm 1 m
DL-P1006 Teflon tube ⌀8mm Х 100mm 1 m
DL-P1004 Teflon tube ⌀6mm Х 100mm 1 m
DL-P1002 PVC tube ⌀4mm Х 100mm 1 m
34-RWN-06X04 PVC tube ⌀6mm Х 100mm 1 m


Technical data

Rotation speed 50-3500min-1
Main engine power 11 kW
Number of simultaneously tested injectors 4
Number of simultaneously tested pumps 1
Tank capacity 30 dм3
Power supply 3x400V/230V~ 50Hz
Supply of valves in the measuring unit of injectors 24 V
Pulsing frequency of the injectors opening 60 – 1500 min-1
Pulsing duration of the injectors opening 100 – 3000 mcs
Test fluid temperature control in a range 0-100±1 degr.С
Test fluid temperature control for on each injector
Calibration fluid pressure electronic measurement inside Rail in a range 0 – 1800±5bar
Test fluid pressure setting of the test liquid in a range 0 – 1800±5bar
** System pressure measurement in a range 0 – 2400±5bar
Number of measuring sensors inside the injector measuring unit 2
Measuring speed of injector measuring unit 0,01l/min-0,5 l/min
Measurement tolerance . (cars ) 0,15 mm3-85 mm3 no more 1%
Measurement tolerance (trucks) 0,15 mm3 — 400 mm3 no more 1,5%
Resolution of the measuring unit ~ 0,1 mm3 /1 cycle (injection)
Test fluid temperature control for pumps      (FMDE-500) on each channel
Test fluid temperature control  for flowmeters (FMDE-500) -20 — +90°С
Flow temperature measurement tolerance, no more than (FMDE-500) +/-2°C
Measuring speed range of the pump measuring unit (FMDE-500) 0,1 l/min-8,5l/min
Tolerance of flow measurement 6-500 l/hour    (FMDE-500) no more 1%
Number of measuring sensors in test fluid flowmeter  (FMDE-500 ) 2
 Cooling compressor capacity 800 W
Test fluid supply pump capacity if Р= 0,3МPa 8,5 l/min
Manometer for measuring the supply pressure by a bench feed pump 0÷0,16 МPa
Manometer for measuring the supply pressure of the test pump 0÷0,16 МPa
Vacuum manometer -0,01÷0 МPa
Maximum current 30A
Test fluid heater capacity 1000W
Protective screen polycarbonate 8 mm
Dimensions W 1110,H 1610,D 1210 mm
Total weight netto 870 kg, brutto 915 kg

* installed on the bench   

 ** optional