Equipment for diagnostics of diesel fuel equipment and other engine systems


Pressure measuring adapter

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DL-CR31557. Pressure measuring adapter

DL-CR31557 Pressure measuring adapter

In its body it has holes for:

Attention! The adapter is sold without a pressure sensor, safety valve and fittings.

connection of the pressure sensor to choose from DL-CR10053, DL-CR10050, DL-CR10052;
safety valve connections to choose from DL-CR10057, DL-CR10056;
connection of a high-pressure fitting with an outlet thread to choose from M14x1.5 DL-UNI30218 or M12x1.5 DL-UNI31498;
connection of the L-shaped adapter M5x4 DL-SP09570 for drain connection
After connecting all the elements, it can be connected via DL-TVD or DL-TVD-K to the high-pressure fuel system on a stand or car for its diagnostics.

One and two channel electronic pressure gauges DL-UNI20005, DL-UNI20061 can be connected to the pressure sensor.


DL-CR31557 adapter for pressure measurement — 1 pc.

DL-CR31557 Pressure measuring adapter  -1 pc

Equipment type

Adapters, Pressure accumulators (RAIL)