Grinding machine for the needles of nozzles

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DL-GR7500. Grinding machine for the needles of nozzles

Grinding machine for dressing needles of nozzles with rotation speed indicators

The machine is controlled by PWM controllers.
The control of the speed of rotation of the spindle and the processed body is regulated by means of rotary knobs located on the control panel.
Adjusting the brightness of the lower illumination of the processed body of rotation is performed using the rotary knob located in the upper part of the control panel.
The control panel has a general power switch for the machine and three power switches on
each electric motor of the corresponding drive and lower lighting bulbs.
On the rear side of the machine body there is a connector for supplying a 220-volt power cable, two 220-volt sockets and a 12-volt connector for connecting a monitor.
On the front side of the machine body there is a 12 volt connector for connecting the electric motor power cable to drive rotation bodies.

The grinding machine DL-GR7500 can be used in conjunction with the kits: DL-UNI20025, DL-UNI20026, DL-UNI20027, DL-UNI20030.
which includes: electronic industrial microscope, tripod holder, top illumination and monitor. This kit is not included in the scope of supply and is available by separate order.

Basic set

Аrticle Name Amount
GR-7500 Piezo injector needle grinding  machine (processor control) 1 pc
DL-UNI20200 Grinding wheel , grit 400 1 pc
DL-NG31290 Extension for installing long parts for grinding 2 pc
DL-NG31309 Pen for dressing the grinding wheel 1 pc
DL-NG31264 Pulley dia.15×3 for nozzle needle 1 pc
DL-NG31264-01 Pulley dia.15×4 for nozzle needle 1 pc
DL-NG31264-02 Pulley dia.15×5 for the valve holder of the piezo injector 1 pc
DL-NG31196 Pulley dia.15×7 for lapping 1 pc
Power cable 220 V 1 pc
Manual 1 pc


Auxiliary equipment necessary for convenient work with the machine
Article Name Amount Image
DL-GR1080 Angle measuring kit 1 pc
DL-GR1090 High Precision Angle Measurement Kit 1 pc
DL-NG31263 Gauge for setting the angle of 60 degrees 1 pc
DL-UNI20025 Microscope set VGA, HDMI 14 MP 1 pc
DL-UNI20030 Microscope set USB, HDMI 14 MP 1 pc
DL-UNI20026 Microscope set HDMI USB 1080P FHD 38MP 1 pc
DL-UNI20027 Microscope set HDMI USB 1080P FHD 38MP 1 pc
DL-UNI20032 Microscope set HDMI USB 1080P FHD 37MP 1 pc
DL-NG50196 Wheel remover with mandrel with spindle taper 1 pc


Additional equipment and consumables
Article Name Amount Image
DL-NG31253 Mandrel holder for the valve (pin) of the BOSCH piezo injector for grinding it 1 pc
DL-CR50209 Collet chuck valve holder for piezo injectors BOSCH 1 pc
DL-UNI20201 Grinding wheel , grit 200 1 pc
DL-UNI20202 Grinding wheel, grit 100 1 pc
DL-UNI20203 Grinding wheel conical , grit 320 1 pc
DL-UNI20204  Grinding wheel conical , grit 230 1 pc
DL-GR1050 Wheel holder (mandrel) 1 pc
DL-GR1060 Shaft for balancing grinding wheel 1 pc
DL-GR1070 Balancing device 1 pc


Name Parameters
Maximum lateral movement +/- 12,5 mm
Maximum Longitudinal travel +/- 12,5 mm
Angle of rotation of the working carriage 270°
Main shaft rotation speed 7500 rpm
Workpiece rotation speed 1000 rpm (2000rpm*)
Main motor supply voltage 36 V
Engine speed control Processor
Supply voltage ~220 V±15% V
Dimensions (length x width x height), mm 400х280×260
Machine weight (net) 35 kg

*extra order.