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Liquid for cleaning in ultrasonic tanks

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Ecolan. Liquid for cleaning in ultrasonic tanks

The strengthened universal metal degreaser Ecolan-2, in addition to its direct purpose, is widely used for ultrasonic baths. Ultrasonic cleaning of instruments and any parts with its help will give the desired effect.

The preparation flawlessly cleans and degreases bodies, car engines (ICE) and diesel engines. It is often used for cleaning floors from fuels and lubricants and fat and oil deposits.

By its composition, a universal degreaser for engine parts and other mechanisms of a car, metal is a reinforced liquid composition based on a complex of surfactants, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors and softeners. Biodegradable.

The best degreaser for a car is alkaline. Contains components that provide anti-corrosion effect. Biodegradable. Universal cleaner and degreaser does not form toxic compounds in the air and waste water. Belongs to the 4th class (minimum) hazard. Working solutions of means for ultrasonic cleaning and removal of age spots from metal, at specified concentrations, do not require disposal. The universal degreaser has a certificate of conformity.


  • Ecolan-2 (10 liters)

The use of a strong universal degreaser for cars Ecolan-2
The concentrate of the product is diluted with water, the temperature of the aqueous solution can vary from 15 to 70 ° C. In each case, the concentration depending on the temperature of the water can be selected empirically. Recommended concentration:

For manual cleaning:
Dilute the concentrate with water at the rate of 10 to 30 grams per liter (1-3% by volume) and apply to the surface with a cloth, sponge, brush. Leave for 2-10 minutes, remove dirt, rinse the surface with clean water. The consumption of the working solution is 100-300 ml per 1 square meter. For complex contamination, increase the concentration to 30 to 200 grams per liter (3-20% by volume)

When cleaning with pressure washers and automatic washers:
Dilute the concentrate with water at the rate of one from 10 to 30 grams per liter (1-3% by volume). Follow the operating instructions for the specific wash unit. For complex dirt, increase the concentration from 30 to 200 grams per liter (3-20% by volume).

Machine wash:
Use 20-50g per 10l (accelerated washing modes) at a temperature not exceeding 40-45g. C, at a higher temperature, the product foams, which can lead to damage to the washing machine.

Precautionary measures.

When working with the product, use rubber gloves to protect hands, goggles for eye protection, and protective clothing. In case of contact with skin or mucous membranes of the eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Storage conditions.

Store in a tightly closed container at temperatures above 1 to 40 ° C.