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Measuring unit for CR injectors with coding set.

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FLAGMAN CODE. Measuring unit for CR injectors with coding set.

The FLAGMAN Code complex is designed for diagnosing CommonRail injectors manufactured by Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens VDO at the bench. The injectors are checked by applying a control signal from the controller to the tested injectors and maintaining the required pressure in the system according to the selected test plan.

Pay attention, that this complex can be installed to any injection pump test stand of any manufacturer.

The complex consists of a MUFI-CR measuring unit and a Flagman CRT-5040 controller. The complex is also equipped with a vacuum system for coding Deiphi C2i, C3i injectors, *C4i(special).

The measuring unit is divided into 2 sections, designed to measure the flow of test liquid through the injectors in the “flow” and “overflow” lines, respectively. Each section can measure the strait in 4 channels. A temperature sensor of the incoming liquid is installed at the inlet to each meter. This temperature is displayed in the CASCADE program. Connection to the measuring unit is carried out using teflon tubes included in the delivery.

The complex provides:

  • at the same time managing of 1-4 injectors;
  • the ability to assign a correction code to BOSCH ISA, IMA injectors;
  • the ability to assign a correction code to DELPHI C2i, C3i injectors, (C4i special);
  • the ability to assign a correction code to Denso injectors;
  • the ability to assign a correction code to VDO injectors (Siemens);
  • pressure control in the system in manual and automatic mode;
  • control of electromagnetic injectors of a light series from a voltage of 14 V;
  • control of electromagnetic injectors of a cargo series from a voltage of 28 V;
  • control of piezoelectric injectors;
  • disabling control in the absence of a protective screen in the test area;
  • stop control of the drive of the bench injection pump after the end of the test;
  • temperature measurement in the tank;
  • measurement of injector backflow temperature;
  • measurement of injection start time;
  • cooler and heater control;
  • control of the measurement flow and overflow injectors.

* Functions are additional options and are not included in the basic version of the complex!


Count injectors which tested at the same time 4
Supply of valves in the measuring block of injectors 24 V
Injector opening pulse frequency 60 – 1500 min-1
Injector opening impulse duration 100 – 3000 mks
Temperature control test liquid for checking injectors for each injector
Number of measurements sensors in MUFI-CR 2
Speed of measurement of the measuring block of injectors 0,01 l/min-0,5 l/min
Measurement error (cars) 0.15 mm3 -85 mm3 no more 1%
Measurement error (trucks) 0.15 mm3 – 400 mm3 no more 1,5%
Resolution MB injectors ~ 0,1 mm3 /1 cycle (injection)
Standart set Amount
1 Measuring block without beaker MUFI-CR 1 pc
2 Module-controller CRT-5040 by managing functionality Flagman Code 1 pc
3 Clamps for fixing the module in the block 1 set
4 Vacuum system 1 set
5 Actual software for codding DT-CODE BOSCH, DENSO, VDO (Siemens), DELPHI C2i, C3i +
6 Passport. (technical description, instruction manual) 1 pc
7 Set of connecting cables between the unit MUFI-CR and module CRT-5040 1 set
8 Extension for injector cables: nest “Injector” – 1.5m 1 pc
9 Connection cable for high pressure regulators 1 pc
10 Connection cable for low pressure regulators 1 pc
11 Pressure sensor connection cable 2 pc
12 Universal injector cable 1 pc
13 Cable for injectors VDO Siemens Piezo 1 pc
14 Cable for injectors Delphi «type 1» 1 pc
15 Cable for injectors Delphi «type 2» 1 pc
16 Cable for injectors BOSCH «type 1» 1 pc
17 Cable for injectors BOSCH «type 2» 1 pc
18 Cable for cargo injectors «type 1» («fork») 1 pc
19 Cable for cargo injectors «type 2» 1 pc
20 Cables 220V, USB 1 set
21 Overflow temperature sensors (1-4) 4 pc
22 Control temperature sensor of the test liquid in the tank: гнездо “Tank t C” 1 pc
23 Plugs for self-manufacturing of cables into sockets: “Protection”, “Tank t C”, “Reg t C”,  “Cycle”,  “Pump”, “Invertor”, “Rpm” 1 set
24 DL-CR50015 Injection start measuring sensor (for coding) 1 pc
25 DL-CR50120 Selection valve for coding Delphi injectors 1 pc
26 Key to open the doors of the measuring unit 2 pc
27 Set of connecting hoses and teflon tubes for connection 1 set
Additional equipments
1 Software for codding DELPHI C4i 1 pc
2 DL-CR30181KIT or DL-CR30522KIT Pressure accumulators for 2 or 3 pressure regulators 1 pc
3 Pressure regulator 1800/2200/2700 bar (DL-CR10051, DL-CR10054, DL-CR10055) 1+ pc
4 Pressure sensor 1800/2200/2400 bar (DL-CR10050, DL-CR10052, DL-CR10053) 1+ pc
5 Safety valve 1800/2400 (DL-CR10056, DL-CR10057) 1+ pc
6 DL-CR14P2000 or DL-CR14P2500 manometer high pressure 2000 bar and 2500 bar 1 pc
7 DL-CR10015 injector holder frame 1 pc
8 DL-CR10025 injector holder bracket 1 pc
9 DL-CR10006 Protective glass (6 mm) or DL-CR10010 Safety glass (10 mm) 1 pc
10 DL-24CRM Set of fittings for overflow of injectors CR 1 set
11 DL-CR50136 Set of fittings for overflow of injectors BOSCH on stand 1 pc
12 D-0986612922 Pressure overflow valve for piezo injectors BOSCH 1 pc
13 DL-CR50013 Universal adapter for truck injectors CR 1 set
14 DL-CR50140 Universal adapter for truck injectors CR Denso, включая Volvo 21952974 1 set
15 DL-UNF20420L Sump filter kit for checking injectors 1 set
16 DL-HEUI0037 Equipment for testing unit injectors HEUI 1 set
17 Split bushings for fixing injectors with a diameter 17; 18,9; 19,2; 21; 21,4. 1 set
18 “Glass”-nozzle on the spray injector Ø 9 мм 1 pc
19 DL-UNI50083,84,88, 87 и другие adapters М14хМ12 и М12хМ14 various configurations 1 pc
20 Various TVD for injectors 1 pc
21 DL-CR10020 Basic equipment kit for testing CR injectors without CR-tester controller 1 set
22 DL-CR10021 A set of basic equipment for testing CR injectors without a CR-tester controller and injection pump 1 set

ATTENTION! Optional equipment is given as an example and can be increased based on customer requirements.

All control of the complex is carried out with the help of the CASCADE program and a personal computer.

The PC must meet the following system requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 3i or better.
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM with Windows 10)
  • SSD
  • Windows 10

The CASCADE software allows for automated control of the stand.

Using the CASCADE software, the CR-Injector-Tester controller is connected. The “CR-Injector-Tester” controller is designed to supply programmable signals to control the pressure regulators of the test system and the injectors of the CommonRail system.