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Current clamp

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HANTEK-CC65-BNC. Current clamp

Current clamps are designed for non-contact measurement of direct and alternating current

  • Current clamp HANTEK-CC65-BNC  – 1 pc

Maximum frequency: 20 kHz
ratio: 1mV/10mA, 1mV/100mA
Measuring range: 20mA – 65A DC
±(1.5%±5mA) 10mA ~ 20A
±(2%±20mA) 100mA ~ 40A
±(4%±0.3A) 40A ~ 65A
Alternating current:
±(2%±30mA) 100mA ~ 10A (40Hz ~ 2KHz)
±(4%±30mA) 100mA ~ 10A (2KHz ~ 10KHz)
±(6%±30mA) 100mA ~ 10A (10KHz ~ 20KHz)
±(8%±30mA) 10A ~ 15A (40Hz ~ 20KHz)
±(2%±30mA) 200mA ~ 40A (40Hz ~ 1KHz)
±(4%±30mA) 200mA ~ 40A (1KHz ~ 2KHz)
±(6%±30mA) 200mA ~ 40A (3KHz ~ 5KHz)
±(8%±0.3A) 40A ~ 65A (40Hz ~ 20KHz)
Conductor diameter 9mm maximum
Low battery indicator Red LED
Working temperature 0C – 50C 70% R.H.
Storage temperature -20C to +70C, 80% R.H.
Battery 9V type “KRONA”
Battery life 100 hours (typical with alkaline battery)
Weight 250g
Size 195mm x 70mmx 33mm
BNC connector