Lapping machine for CR injector valves

Price: on request
MP-250 SASH. Lapping machine for CR injector valves

Lapping machine for injector valves (multiplexors).

Available in two versions:

MP-250 SASH-Z complete with collet;

MP-250 SASH-S complete with self-locking chuck.

• Vibromachines in a protective casing

• Table height adjustment with the screw.

• Compact design.

Article Name Amount
MP-250 SASH-S Machine SASH MP-250 1 pc
DL-MPZ30336 Valve seat  holder for electromagnetic jnjectors 1 pc
MPS30515 Lap 120° 5 pc
MPS30516 Lap 124° 5 pc
DL-АСМ75K Lapping paste АСМ 7/5 (k) 25g
DL-АСМ53K Lapping paste АСМ 5/3 (k) 25g
DL-АСМ32K Lapping paste АСМ 3/2 (k) 25g
Cable 1 pc
Manual 1 pc


Additional equipment
Article Name Image
DL-MPS31704 The holder of the Caterpillar injector sprayer body when processing on the MP-250 lapping machine
DL-CR31199 Valve seat holder of piezoinjectors BOSCH СR
DL-MPS31241  BOSCH СR piezo injector boby holder
DL-MPS31705 64 degree grinder for grinding the Caterpillar injector body
DL-MPS30515 Lapping tool 120 degr. Is designed to restore the valve seat of the multiplier of CRI light injectors
DL-MPS30516 Lapping tool 124 degr
Is designed to restore the valve seat of the multiplier of CRIN truck injectors
DL-MPS31240 Medium soft lap for restoring the atomizer housing of CR Bosch piezo injectors . Sharpening angle 60 °.
Exapmle: BOSCH CR 04455115
DL-MPS31250 Medium hard lapping tool for restoring the body of the atomizer of CR Bosch piezo injectors. Sharpening angle 60 °.
Example: BOSCH CR 04455115
DL-MPS31322 A lap of increased hardness with an elbor tip (PTE) for restoring the atomizer housing of CR BOSCH piezo injectors.
Sharpening angle 60 degrees. Example: BOSCH CR 04455115
DL-MPS31291 Lapping tool for restoring the valve of pressure regulators of pumps CR CP-1
DL-CR50209 Collet chuck valve holder for BOSCH piezo injectors for geometry restoration by lapping.
Suitable for BOSCH piezo injectors series 0445115
DL-ACM3K KIT Lapping paste for machine and manual processing
The kit includes:
DL-ACM75K Diamond lapping paste. Fraction of grain large 7/5 (25gr.)
DL-ACM53K Diamond lapping paste. Fraction of grain average 5/3 (25gr.)
DL-ACM32K Diamond lapping paste. Grain fraction fine 3/2 (25gr.)
DL-CR50174 BOSCH PIEZO injector recovery kit
Name Parameters
The greatest axial movement of the cartridge 18 mm
Cartridge departure 36 mm
The greatest vertical movement of the table 175 mm
Table top width 90 mm
The length of the working surface of the table 150 mm
Motor power 0,25 kW
The number of revolutions per minute on the electric motor 2760 rpm
RPM on drive shaft 3500 rpm
Machine dimensions (length x width x height) mm 280x270x480
Machine weight kg